Quantity Surveyor

Representation and assisting customers facing architects or contractors with general or specialized way for the following tasks (non-exhaustive list) :

  • Monitor the project carried out by the contractor (Mr. X and his architect)
  • Help by giving notice in the relevant analysis and reflection on the proposals or acts of the contractor
  • Assist and inform the MO regarding extra costs or less costs calculated by the architect, after examination
  • Finalize with the architect PV the more accurate description of materials
  • Find solution of material costs in relation with your material choices
  • Check all the work execution on site if they are in relation with the description of materials
  • Follow weekly the construction progress and inform the MO
  • Give indications on site following the MO decision
  • Assist the MO in the final acceptance of work, assessing of any apparent defects by reference tolerances, custom or law